Recently I was reminded of an amazing Story about the very bright Medical students at their last semester at Medical School and their favorite professor who surprise them with a lesson for life.

Please allow me to Share it with you:

The Story goes like this:

Wise Professor lesson
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One day Professor Goldsmith decided to teach his favorite class, that he was leading towards graduation a lesson that was not usually found in any medical book. One morning He gave them a surprising exam, with a high price upon competition – The Diploma before the end of the Semester.

They had breezed through most of the questions until they read the last one. To their surprise, the last question wasn’t included nor was related to their curriculum at all…..

They thought that this question may not be as important as the other questions on their exam so all of them left it blank. The whole class was astounded when the professor announced that, unless they have an answer to the last question, he will not count all of the other correct answers.

The lesson was hidden in the very last question – “What is the name of the person who cleans the Medical School ???”

They thought that this was a joke. After all, how would their favorite professor expect them to know that man? They would recognize his face whenever they would meet him but, not even once did they tried to start a conversation with the school’s janitor for all this years.

End of Story……

We can learn a lot from this simple story and this valuable lesson…please share you comments and conclusions bellow:

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